just a little about me

hi there

My name is Elissa Petrashishina. I am 22 years old. I am located in the midwest, but travel often, and love that my work gives me the opportunity to do so. I like spending my time outdoors and being active. I've loved taking photos for as long as I can remember, and have fallen in love with wedding photography and film photography as well. I love trying new things and photography has allowed me to do that. I love Jesus and my main purpose on this earth is to show His love and light in any way that I can.

Dennis & Esfir // Sedalia, MO

"I am obsessed with these pictures!! You captured everything and every moment so beautifully. Made me cry like 3 times and sob twice. I'm so grateful to have chosen you to take our wedding photos."

Max & Irina // Waverly, MO

"Oh my goshh they're so cuteee!!! We love love love. You did so good!! The tones are great I love"

David & Angelina // Waverly, MO

"Oh my goodness. These look so so so good; you did incredible. Thank you so much Elissa. We are so happy with them. You're very talented and skilled at what you do!"

Malakai & Natalya // Springfield, MO

"THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! Seriously no one else I'd rather have with me all morning!!! Please don't ever stop blowing up my phone. I love these."

Vadim & Andreya // Sedalia, MO

"Again, thank you so much. You girls did a great job! I loved how kind and comfortable you were with everybody. I'm in love with my wedding photos!"

Victor & Elizabeth // Union County, NC

"Elissa, thank you so much! The pictures are amazing. We are more than happy and can't wait to frame some of them! You guys are amazing and were so good to us!! I was so comfortable around you guys."

Roman & Rima // Sedalia, MO

"Elissa, we love the photos! Thank you so much. Favorite second was the end of the night; it's so dreamy! I need to make a book."